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Top 20 Audio Sharing Sites

Sharing your work as an artist is very essential since it determines your popularity and it’s a measure of how well you’re doing in your job. Here are some great top 20 Audio Sharing Sites that will display your work to millions of people around the globe and perhaps raise your standards to great heights.


My Space Share Audio FilesMyspace is the world’s largest digital library and the top audio and music sharing site currently available for music artists. With a traffic of 50 million visitors each month, the site serves as the best platform one can share music. Myspace only accepts files that are WAV, AAC, FLAC, MP3 and order to upload any music file you need an account listed as a comedian, DJ, producer or as a musician.


Zippy share Share Audio and music filesZippyshare is one of the audio sharing sites that is 100% free and offers unlimited disk space to artists.

The site has exclusive features that will enable artists to easily upload sound clips such as drag and drop feature, neat progress bars, automatic file splitting, auto update function and efficient report generator.

3. Youtube channel

Share Audio Files Via YoutubeYouTube has made many artists such as the weekend and Justin Bieber to be discovered and sharing your music can as well work out for you. YouTube alone has more than a billion viewers every month, and you can get a slice of this massive traffic.



Share Music files via SoundboardSoundboard allows artists to upload sound in their site and promote it anywhere they wish for customers to listen and even purchase.To create an account and promote your music files you need just a Facebook account or you can log in in there site and register for free.


This site allows artists and other sound creators to upload audio files to share in social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and many others easily and it’s free. Sharing audio with mobypicture is an easy task, and every artist should try the site.


Tumblr helps you to share all your music easily from various mediums such as your browser, tablet, phones or even your email. You can share your audio files even in your blog hence allowing your friends and-and visitors to listen to your music. The only limitation with Tumblr is that you can only upload sound that is in mp3 format and not more than 10 MB.


With good internet connections sharing your music through Sutros can be very effective. You can embed your music in your website and play it via Sutros music player or you can send the songs to your email list as an attachment as well. You can only upload audi clip in mp3 format and not large than 10 MB.

8. Reddit Music

Reddit music thread should be a platform musicians should exploit since one can get a genuine review of their music and can interact with the fans directly. Sharing your music can go viral through Reddit due to the huge traffic in the site.


Sound cloud allows music artist or anyone who can create a sound to upload and share in blogs, websites, and social networks. Sound cloud has a huge traffic of more than 175 million who listen to music uploaded in the platform and numerous tools that ease music sharing making it an ideal site to upload your audio clip.


With over 22 million subscriber’s spread across 200 countries last.Fm stands to be a great place to upload audi files and share. has tools that enable a user to upload music files and share to fans easily.

11. Groove

The company is operated by Escape Media group and allows artists to upload an audi clip and other digital audi files on the site. Groove shark has more than 20 million users and recent statistics show the site streams close to 1 billion sound files in a month. Sharing your audi clip in groove shark will definitely yield some positive outcome.


Bandcamp allows artists to upload sound clips that are AIFF, WAV or FLAC in nature and have a limit on maximum upload size which is 291 MB per track. Sharing your audi clip in bandcamp will make it discovered by fans through their features such as artist recommendations, music feeds, and fun accounts. Bandcamp takes the initiative to convert all your sound clips into MP format when you upload the above formats.


As an independent artist, you can’t upload music files in Spotify. You require a distributor or a label to the job on your behalf since they discourage uploading of unlicensed music. Sound cloud has over 75 million users making it a worth platform to share your music.


Box allows you to share the link of your music which is in the cloud easily to everyone in their social accounts or in their emails. The types of file allowed to be uploaded MP3 WAV AAC FLAC AIFF and WMA and nearly all video formats.


Media fire offers artists three excellent features to an artist that that make work easier to an artist. When a music file is uploaded it can easily be shared through social networks, emails as attachments, messaging platforms and embedded in websites. You can also upload multiple files at once and from any website


As an independent artist, Reverbnation has the necessary tools that can aid in the triumph of an artist. When you upload your file in Reverbnation the site will share on your behalf your files, advertise on major music sites and give you an artist profile that can aid in the marketing of your music.

17. Wix music

Wix music is a worthy platform to share your music in since they have all the tools that you require as an artist to succeed in promoting your music. Wix can also assist you to share all your music files in major music sites such as iTunes and Google play without leaving the account. Every artist should take time and explore Wix music.


The site offers the best tools to share upload content and as an artist your music should be shared on all major social networks, blogs, websites and makes it possible.

19. File

When an artist thinks of sharing his or her work file dropper should be a worthy site to look at. They not only offer free audio hosting but also you can upload files up to 5 GB. File dropper is easy to use and has very good reviews from existing artists who have used their service.


Sharing your sound files in the site takes some few steps such as attaining at least 7 milestones before the upload limitation is lifted. Thesixtyone site allows you to share your files on all social networks, blogs, and websites and even as email an artist the site would be a worthy platform to start with.