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What Music Production Equipment Do You Need

Whether you’re starting out in music production as a job or as a hobby, the type of equipment you use will determine the quality of the music you produce. There are a few pieces of music production gear that will really amp up your quality and make your job or hobby a whole lot easier. Here are a few:

MacBook Pro vs Dell

MacBook Pro

Chances are, either you’re a PC lover or a Mac lover, and would prefer to stick with the type of computer that you know and love for music production. If you’re a Mac lover, the MacBook Pro has the best music production capabilities because of the amount of power behind it as well as the amount of options it provides for quality audio editing. If you’re a PC lover, select Dell computers come with Open Lab’s Music OS software to help make producing music easier on a PC.

The MacBook Pro is an excellent tool for audio editing and production for more than a few reasons, including the power that is behind this computer. It comes with a lot of input connections, making it top notch as you can connect multiple sources for inputting music for production and editing. It also comes with an incredibly stable soundcard that can handle multiple tracks at the same time. Another great quality of this computer is that because it’s an Apple product you get access to many free apps and downloads to help in producing music.

Dell’s Open Lab’s Music OS software allows you to have a simple hands on experience when it comes to music production. It is fully functional and helps you in mixing multiple tracks or producing something completely new and unique. It also comes with a Linkin Park option, which provides a lot of their songs and patterns for a fun producing experience.

Microphone and Audio Interface

Audio Interface

Many computers come with some type of microphone built right in, however for high-quality production you will want a microphone that is specifically meant for music. Having an audio interface means that your computer will be able to keep up with the high-quality microphone, as well as speakers, that you purchase, as it connects all of your music production gear up to the same place: your computer.

The soundcard that comes with the initial purchase of a computer is generally not strong enough for handling the specific needs of a music producer. With audio interface you get more control and more options, it puts the type of music you produce directly in your hands.

One thing to watch for when purchasing your audio interface is whether it is meant specifically for a Mac or PC. Some are compatible with both and some are specific to the certain type of computer. So read the product information closely before purchasing.

Studio Headphones

Studio Headphones

Studio headphones are a must for producing music, especially if you live in a noisy area. They help to drown out any background noise that you’ve got so that you can focus on the actual sounds of the music. However, keep in mind that the sound of the music you hear through studio headphones can differ from the sound as it plays through speakers. So be sure to listen to the music you are creating through both speakers and headphones before finalizing the production.

They’re also fantastic for helping to keep you from being too noisy. It isn’t ideal to have your speakers blasting when you have close neighbors or people sleeping.

If you have a recording studio, the studio headphones can be useful for another main reason: monitoring. With monitoring, anytime you record a vocal piece or instrument piece that will need added to the track, the person you are recording will need to hear what was already recorded so that they can follow along and keep time. If you were to just use speakers the sound would filter into the music that you are recording and therefore ruin the quality of the production.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Digital Audio WorkstationsYour digital audio workstation is at the core of high-quality music production. It is the software that you use for recording and audio editing. Before purchasing your DAW be sure to do thorough research and find the best quality for your needs. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive software around, but it does need to get the job done in a manner that you will be exceptionally pleased with the results afterward.