Acoustica Basic Edition

The Best 10 Free Audio Editor Tools

There is no sense in denying it, but when it comes to choosing the ideal music editing software for your unique sound preparation or development needs, selecting an excellent editing tool always has its inherent benefits. Simply put, you are not only able of finding a tool that has good editing functionalities, but you are also able to find one that is simple to use and comes with a broad spectrum of unique features for preparing and developing your music. An excellent place to start would be The Best 10 Free Audio Editor Tools that are readily available online. Most of them are completely free to download. Together with legally downloadable music files you are good to go.

List of music editing software

Acoustica Basic Edition

Acoustica Basic Edition

Acoustica is an aesthetically appealing and well-designed audio editor that works well for editing, mastering, mixing and batch processing of sounds. Some of the exceptional features that come with the free version include the multitrack editing, audio restoration features and offline analytics as well.



Audacity is good sound editing software and editing program that is compatible with a broad spectrum of operating systems. To be specific, the system allows users to record tunes through a mixer and microphone and edits audio tunes as well. We included the instruction video here.


The audio tool is an excellent beat making an app that comes with a simple design and aesthetic appeal that lets you edit your favorite tunes with style. It also comes with additional tools that can be used to make beats and export them as audio and MP3 files as well.

Tunekitten audio editor

This is a music editing application that is compact sized and let you edit tracks while applying the basic effects to produce sounds such as the fade in and the fade out features as well. It also allows users to import a broad spectrum of audio file formats including MP3, OGG, and WAV files as well.


MP3 CUTTER Music EditingThis an exceptional music editing tools that work well with the MacBook Pro and lets you edit MP3 files and small audio snippets that you have prepared as well. It also comes with a simple yet sleek user interface for music editing as well.

MP3 Gain

This particular music editing software not only allows users to edit sounds, but it also comes with normalization functionalities that enables users to adjust the volumes tracks to suit their unique entertainment needs.

Audio joiner

Audio Joiner is an excellent music editor for consolidating several songs into one track, and it lets you crossfade tracks and customize it to suit your entertainment levels. There is no capping on the number of songs you can combine, and you can also edit as well.


Reaper is a compact sized and fully functional audio workstation that allows users to record edit and arrange audio tunes to suit their unique entertainment needs. Its non-destructive design lets you edit without corrupting the original audio file.


Wavepad Music Editor SoftwareWavepad is an excellent music editing and compilation software that works well with most operating systems. It comes with a sleek and modern interface that can support various file formats and has a text to speech module for added fun as well.


Waveshop is an excellent audio editor that can be used to manipulate audio samples based on a broad spectrum of editing features. The platform also supports various file formats including AAC/MP4, FLAC, and MP3 as well.

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