Websites to download music legally

Top 10 sites to download audio files

You got a computer to edit music, some great audio equipment tools and the perfect software to edit it installed, but now what? Musicians do need inspiration and a big part of inspiration is having access to audio files. Why is that? Because, to be honest, having access to audio files is the very thing that can help inspire them to create some very great songs. These audio files for musicians are special for this reason. Therefore, musicians should have access to some high quality websites, where they can go to download some audio files to aid them in the creative music producing process.


What are the to 10 sites to download audio files for musician to create music? I’ve listed my favourite sites below.


  1. – Hibou-Music come is an online library of audio files. Some of the audio files they have are for sound design, background music, and the list of uses goes on.


  1. File

filefactory gives the musician the power of choice. They can download music, upload their own music files, and also share music files if they so wish with other users.


  1. FrostWire – FrostWire is also a Torrent client. It does come complete with support for downloading music. It also is a very efficient tool and has a video player that is included in the bundle.


  1. SoundCloud Downloader – SoundCloud Downloader is an application that works only with SoundCloud. It does make the whole downloading process of music something that is very fast. There is no limit as to how many song downloads you can do with this program. Five tracks can be downloaded at the very same time. A fact this great if a musician is batch downloading.


  1. iSkysoft iMusic Downloader – iSkysoft iMusic Downloader is one of the finest of all, music downloaders that works well with both Windows PC and Mac. It is a best music downloader program that is designed with downloading music from some of the most widely known and used of all 3,000 music sites.


  1. Ares – Ares is a sort of unique music downloading application that does bring peer to peer music sharing to a whole new place that it has never been before. Areas used to be an application spin-off of the Gnutella network. It has managed to integrate very well with iTunes. It is one of a kind and will help you download all the music that you require.


  1. Transmission


Transmission is a Torrent client. However, it does bring along with it, various downloading abilities that are indeed every inch important and permits one to download everything. What is this everything? The everything is from music to video to books.


  1. MP3Rocket – MP3Rocket is a free music downloading program that can adjust to numerous requirements for it. MP3Rocket does one awesome job when it comes to downloading music. It not only allows the user to download music, but also to, be able to manage them as well within an interface that is simple and user friendly.


  1. SDownload – SDownload is a free music download tool. It allows every user to download songs via SoundCloud and it only involves using one single click to make it happen. The whole process of adding music to one’s library is made extra easy and simple as well.


  1. Beatport Pro

beatport music download

Beatport Pro can help you download all the music that you do need to download. It helps to reduce the complexity that can go along with various other applications. What it also helps to bring is lots of creative freedom and flexibility where the whole music experience is concerned.