Music Production Tools

Our Favourite Music Production Tools

To be an excellent music producer who can manage the process of writing, recording and mixing a song to bring out a masterpiece of work that can trigger an emotional response in an audience; you need the right tools for the job. All hit music genres and popular music mixes that have rocked the world in the recent times are products of music production tools.

Here are some of our favorite music production tools that any music producer should have a look at. To make it more easy we added Youtube video’s for each piece of software explaining how each piece of software works. Check this page for those manuals.



Audacity is one of the best free software’s available for music producers for recording and editing. Audacity can be used in MacBook Pro, Linux, Windows and other operating systems. The software is available in many languages around the world, and all you need is a good internet to download software.


  • With a microphone, only you can be able to record live audio
  • It’s possible to record computer playback
  • Editing has been simplified through cut, copy paste and delete
  • Scrubbing and seeking features allow you to identify the area to edit at ease
  • You can also edit and mix large volume of tracks
  • Multiplex clips are permitted in a track
  • Conversion of tape and records in CDs and other digital recordings is possible
  • You can change the tempo without altering the pitch and vice versa
  • You can preview effects of LV2, VST, OS X, and LADSPA
  • For comprehensive frequency analysis plot spectrum is available
  • To visualize and select frequencies, you require spectrogram view which is available
  • When exporting files that contain amplitude values, sample data export comes in handy.

Download Audacity here.


Ardour Music EditingThe role of a music producer is to record an artist’s work when playing on actual instruments and no better tool can ease the process than Ardour software. The interface of the software is user-friendly since recording a sound clip all you need is a microphone, then selecting a perfect audio interface and recording the music. Here are some of the most noticeable features that the tool has


  • When editing anything these features are available for you, cut, copy, paste, zoom, quantize, drag and drop
  • There is no limitation on the number of tracks nor inserts and plugins
  • The editing interface is in window hence eliminating the possibility of switching to other dialogs.
  • There plugins that come with the software and you can as well download more if you so wish
  • Ardour supports only LV2 plugin, VST plugin, and OS X plugin.
  • Multiple exports of formats and sample rates are possible at once
  • Multiple file exports are also likely
  • You can extract soundtrack from imported videos

Download Ardour here.


LMS is one of the best software’s available to music producers at no cost to produce music. The software is ideal for mixing sounds, making melodies and beats, and arranging available samples. There is also the option of utilizing MIDI keyboard if you so wish.


  • There is a song editor which can be used to compose a song
  • To create excellent Beats and Basslines, you need Bassline and Beat editors
  • Compose songs on Windows, Linux, and Apple OS X
  • Integrated visualization analyzer
  • Integrated delay, reverb, EQ, compressor, and bass enhancer
  • Drop in VST effect and LADSPA plugin support
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and OS X operating system

Download LMMS here.

DarkWave Studio

DarkWave Studio music editorDarkwave is a free Windows music workstation software tool which enables you to record and edit sounds from your PC to make a meaningful music. It integrates a multitrack hard disk recorder for recording sound output, sequence editor for queuing patterns, virtual studio for connecting in an ad hoc and pattern editor for creating and modification of patterns. As a music editor, this is a tool that can assist you in producing error free masterpiece music.


  • Compatible with Windows x64 and x86 operating system
  • Vst plugin support
  • Direct sound and low latency ASIO output support
  • ES Audio input
  • ES MIDI Input
  • ES MIDI Output
  • ES Mixer
  • ES Stomp
  • ES ControlChange Mapper
  • ES Control Monitor

Download Darkwave studio here.


Or DrumBOX Music EditingThis is one of the best available music editing tools that a music editor should utilize due to its unique features such as auto-composition of bass lines, auto-matching of sounds and the integrated editable rhythm database. Below are some other great features that make OrDrumbox unique.


  • Creation of songs by lumping together numerous patterns from 1 to 24 is possible
  • Automatic composition of rhythmic and melodic patterns
  • Creation, modification, and importation of drum kits it’s possible
  • Automatic sound assignations
  • It’s possible to pull together patterns in a song
  • With orDrumbox, you can play midi files using GMKit in midi mode
  • Exporting and importing midi files is also available in orDrumbox
  • Availability of an audio mixer

Download OrDrumbox here.


It’s more of a midi than audio sequencer tool. To utilize the software you need to integrate Temper with the software, you’re using through drag and drop or VST.

Features include

  • Potent MIDI editing surrounding
  • Event routing and manipulation
  • You can edit many tracks at once all together
  • Availability of algorithmic composition tools
  • Integrated MIDI controllers + VST automation

Download Temper here.


As a DJ you need a music production guide tool, and MIXX software serves that purpose. Irrespective of the music genre your DJing MIXX has got all you need.


As a DJ you need a robust music library that will serve as your music database for easy retrieval of your music.Mixx has got that powerful library.

  • Can only be used on MacBook Pro and Windows
  • Allows you to add hissing sounds such as echo and reverb and much more to your mix
  • Can organize and sort your music in a playlist
  • Allows you to find music from external storage devices
  • Due to integration with iTunes and Traktor, you can add music to your library directly from iTunes
  • Has got an auto DJ feature that can take over when you need to rest.
  • You can record and broadcast your work
  • Availability of advanced controls such as EQ, Beat Looper, Hotcues and others

Download Mixx here.


Hydrogen is a drum programming machine for Linux. As a music producer, this is a tool which should be in your possession. Check out some of its features to understand why it’s essential.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports Flac file compressed samples
  • Advanced tab tempo
  • You can sample editor with cut and loop functions
  • You can stretch time and pitch functions
  • Has the capacity to play multiple patterns all together
  • Has the capacity to import and export files
  • You can import and also export single patterns into a song
  • A playlist that has scripting function feature
  • You can learn midi
  • Has Unlimited instrument tracks
  • You can import or export drumkits

Download Hydrogen here.


Adobe Muse Music EditorWhen you need an audio sequencer with editing and recording ability, then MusE is fitted in Our Favorite Music Production Tools list. Here are the particular reasons why MusE should be a tool to consider.


  • Input filter capability
  • Capacity to import and export a midi file
  • You can record and playback in real time.
  • You can edit midi with score editor, piano roll, and drum editor
  • Graphical editing capability
  • Drag and drop of files
  • Supported plugin formats are LADSPA, DSSI, VST, LV2
  • Supported technologies are
  • LASH, JACK audio, JACK midi, LV2, FLAM, ALSA midi and DSSI

Download Muse here.