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Best Internet Providers to download music

They say music is the food of the soul. This statement is supported by several attributes that come with listening to music such as such as music relieves pain, bring people together, motivates someone, reduce depression, unifies people and elevates moods. Best Internet Providers to download music.

Downloading music is the sure lest way to listen to the melody again and again offline until your satisfied. Of course, there is the option of streaming music online, but since you want to enjoy the music while jogging or at your car then downloading becomes the better choice. Successful music downloads are determined by many factors such as the selection of internet provider, the size of the music file to be downloaded and the number of songs in tracks that you intend to download. Most of all you need a provider that enables you to upload files as well to share them with the public. While these factors determine the ease of downloading music, the most important element is your internet provider since speed and download restrictions are the most important aspects of selecting your internet provider. Here are some of the best internet providers to download music.


Comcast EmailXfinity internet providers offer speeds that are essential in smooth downloading of music. While downloading any files or software on the net, you need protection from malware and phishing sites. Comcast has a security protection feature known as the constant guard which protects you while you download music from malware that may attach itself to music files.

Xfinity Internet has a Wi-Fi app that is compatible with all devices and enables you to detect one of their million Wi-Fi hotspot areas national wide and can save you on your cellular data plan.

They have three packages that are suitable for music download and streaming namely

Performance package that goes for $39.99 a month for 12 months and comes with a speed of 25mbps.This package can be used only by two to four devices in your home at a go for smooth download purpose.

Performance Pro package goes for $79.95 a month for 12 months and comes with a speed of 75mbps. With such a speed you are likely to download a music album of 100 tracks with just a minute or two at most. Performance Pro package can be used by four to six devices simultaneously without affecting internet speeds.

Blast package is there the ultimate package which goes for $82.95 a month and comes with 150 Mbps internet speed. Such speeds are good for downloading and streaming HD videos and downloading any type of music whether an album or single in a matter of few seconds.

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable

Downloading of music requires an internet provider with high-speed internet connections to suit the task at hand. Selecting the right internet provider can be an uphill task due to the many choices one is presented with. However, you can’t go wrong with Time Warner cable which has six packages ranging from speeds of 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Such high speeds can only take five minutes to download 10 albums with 100 tracks each.

TWC due to its hybrid fiber network supports massive downloading of music files and with such speeds downloading 100 albums in a matter of minutes is no big deal. When you subscribe to their standard internet speed, you’re entitled to access one of their 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots spread across nationwide. The other advantage of TWC is that it offers unlimited internet which is totally free from penalties due to over usage. TWC has four internet packages which are

Standard package which will cost you $ 34.99 and comes with 15mbps internet speeds. You are also entitled to unlimited access to any of their 500,000 TWC Wi-Fi hotspot which is spread nationwide.

Turbo package is their medium package which will cost you $44.99 per month, and you get 20 Mbps Internet speeds with unlimited access to their hotspots, and they have no data caps.

Extreme package will cost you $54.99 a month and comes with 30 Mbps internet speeds and no data caps. You also have the privilege to access their hotspots nationwide

Ultimate package will cost you $ 64 .99 and with internet speeds of 50mbps downloading music becomes an easy task to accomplish. You can find reviews about Time Cable Warner here.


centurylinkCentury link is one of the internet providers you can rely on when you want to download music. The company has a low downtime. They have no limitations and restrictions on downloading music and their reliable in the services they offer. Whether you are seeking to edit a sound file online, or edit audios with an audio editing software then century link is the right provider for your needs. Here are some of their internet packages you might have a look at.

For $ 34.85 a month you have speeds of up to 40 Mbps and this comes with a 2-year pricing guarantee. This package is ideal for all your music downloads.

1-year pricing guarantee package will cost you @29.95 and has 40 Mbps. This package is limited to some parts of the country however it’s perfect for streaming and downloading music as well.

3-year pricing guarantee will cost you $19.95 per on monthly basis and you are entitled to 12 Mbps internet speeds. This package is perfect for music downloads though other packages are better.


optimum-logoOptimum internet providers are an excellent choice for music lovers since they offer speeds that are pocket-friendly and can serve the intended task of downloading music. Here are some of their internet packages.

5 Mbps download speeds package which users have access to Optimum unlimited Wi-Fi access. AS a subscriber of this package, you can have 3 devices simultaneously signed in without affecting the internet speeds. The package is meant for light internet music downloads and browsing as well.

Optimum Ultra package comes with 60 Mbps download speeds, unlimited internet usage and can support 10 devices simultaneously logged in.This package is excellent for all your music downloads, streaming music, audio editing and works efficiently with an audio editing software.

Optimum ultimate plans come with superfast speeds of 101 Mbps and can be used by 15 devices all simultaneously downloading music. The package also has unlimited internet usage, and it’s the best for all your music related tasks such as online editing and downloading.

BT Broadband Deals

bt-mailBT internet provider is one of the best-known broadband brands maybe due to its sports packages; however, they do have very reliable internet packages that are super-fast for music downloads. They serve customers in United Kingdom region and here are some of their packages that you might have a look at.

Unlimited broadband package which comes with 17 Mbps unlimited internet usage and costs £4.50 a month. BT also protects you when you’re online from malicious malware and phishing sites through their BT Net Protect security plan. As a parent you might be interested to know, BT has parental controls in this package since kids might all-day stream, download music and forget to do their school homework.BT also offers 100 GB cloud storage for free for its customers, and since your PC might be out of space, you can store all your music downloads online as well.

Unlimited Infinity 1 package comes with 52 Mbps internet speeds for £9.50 a month. You are also entitled to 100GB BT cloud storage and also BT Netprotect security plan protects all your online activity. Parental control feature is available in this package as well.

Unlimited Infinity 2 package offers speeds of up to 76 Mbps and unlimited usage of internet. That means as a music lover you can download as much as you can. This package will cost you £25 a month and as a subscriber, you’re entitled to 500GB bt cloud storage which is enough to store all your downloaded music. Parental control feature is also available and BT Netprotect Plus internet security as well.

Talk Talk

talk-talk-mailTalk Talk is one of the best-united kingdom internet providers with a very reliable broadband packages. Talk Talk offers unlimited internet to all there two packages and with unlimited internet usage, you can download any number of music tracks or albums without worrying about penalties. They as well don’t have restrictions on music downloads, and hence you have the freedom to use their broadband internet as you wish. Here are two of their broadband packages you can look at.

Simply broadband package which offers unlimited internet speeds of 17mbps with a guarantee of 100% in reliability factor. The package will cost you £3.75 monthly charge for the first 18 months.

Superfast fiber broadband package offers its customers 38 Mbps unlimited usage internet speeds for £8.75 a month for the first 18 months. The package is excellent for heavy music downloads and all music related tasks.


plusnetThis internet provider is known for its secure Plusnet Login with a massive customer base. You can read about the Plusnet Webmail settings on It’s huge customer base is for a reason since they offer an unlimited broadband package which has no usage restrictions or limits and you can download as many music files as you wish. Plus net has three packages you can look at that best suits your need as a music lover and music editor

Unlimited package offers subscribers 17 Mbps internet speeds which are worthy to note has no limits at all. This package will cost you £13.49 every month for a contract valid for 18moths.with a 17 Mbps internet speed your music download thirst can be quenched, and if you’re a music editor then this package suits you as well

Unlimited fiber package offers 38 Mbps internet speeds which will cost you £13.49 a month. This price is based on 12 months contract and with speeds of up to 38 Mbps you can edit download even stream all music files you may wish.

The unlimited fiber extra package offers unlimited superfast internet speeds of up to 76 Mbps to their subscribers. The cost of the package is £22.49 a month and is excellent for heavy downloading of music and browsing needs.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media EmailDownloading music requires not only a reliable internet but also faster speeds are essential since they can determine the number of albums or single tracks one can download in a day .virgin media does not only deliver faster speeds to its customers but fulfills that aspect of being a reliable UK ISP provider.

Virgin media has been having been voted twice by the Ofcom speed as the fastest and widely available download speeds and UK fastest upload speed ISP provider. With their superfast internet you can download an album in just five seconds and stream all types of music be it mp3, or HD without buffering problems. Here are some of their packages for you to look at

Vivid 50 comes with 50mbps internet speeds which will cost you £12 a month. The package also supports up to 4 devices which might be downloading music and with such speeds, the problems of buffering and slow browsing are eliminated. The package also gives music subscribers the freedom of downloading music with no restrictions at all.

Vivid 100 package offers 100mbps for only £17 a month and can support up to 10 devices that are downloading music. With a speed of 100mbps, you can download 10 albums in a matter of 10 minutes or less and since there is no limit to how much you can download your free to utilize the package to your satisfaction.

Vivid 200 package has internet speeds of up to 200mbps which is much faster and higher than BT or SKY packages. The package is £25 a month and is excellent to stream music and watch 4k music videos .downloading a full album using vivid 200 will take seconds no wonder the company has scooped too many awards due to their great broadband speeds

Sky Fibre

sky-fibreSky fiber offers music lovers with broadband packages that are affordable and that suit both light and heavy music downloads activities. Their packages speeds range from 5mbps, 8mbps, 16mbps, 38mbps and 76 Mbps.

With features such as unlimited usage of internet and no restrictions on downloads as a music fanatic this is great news. With sky fiber all your music tasks such as audio editing both offline and online are possible due to such reliable high speeds.

Now that you have the best Internet Providers to download music who offer unlimited internet with minimal download restrictions you can review at ease which package suits you best according to your music needs.

Digital Audio Workstations

What Music Production Equipment Do You Need

Whether you’re starting out in music production as a job or as a hobby, the type of equipment you use will determine the quality of the music you produce. There are a few pieces of music production gear that will really amp up your quality and make your job or hobby a whole lot easier. Here are a few:

MacBook Pro vs Dell

MacBook Pro

Chances are, either you’re a PC lover or a Mac lover, and would prefer to stick with the type of computer that you know and love for music production. If you’re a Mac lover, the MacBook Pro has the best music production capabilities because of the amount of power behind it as well as the amount of options it provides for quality audio editing. If you’re a PC lover, select Dell computers come with Open Lab’s Music OS software to help make producing music easier on a PC.

The MacBook Pro is an excellent tool for audio editing and production for more than a few reasons, including the power that is behind this computer. It comes with a lot of input connections, making it top notch as you can connect multiple sources for inputting music for production and editing. It also comes with an incredibly stable soundcard that can handle multiple tracks at the same time. Another great quality of this computer is that because it’s an Apple product you get access to many free apps and downloads to help in producing music.

Dell’s Open Lab’s Music OS software allows you to have a simple hands on experience when it comes to music production. It is fully functional and helps you in mixing multiple tracks or producing something completely new and unique. It also comes with a Linkin Park option, which provides a lot of their songs and patterns for a fun producing experience.

Microphone and Audio Interface

Audio Interface

Many computers come with some type of microphone built right in, however for high-quality production you will want a microphone that is specifically meant for music. Having an audio interface means that your computer will be able to keep up with the high-quality microphone, as well as speakers, that you purchase, as it connects all of your music production gear up to the same place: your computer.

The soundcard that comes with the initial purchase of a computer is generally not strong enough for handling the specific needs of a music producer. With audio interface you get more control and more options, it puts the type of music you produce directly in your hands.

One thing to watch for when purchasing your audio interface is whether it is meant specifically for a Mac or PC. Some are compatible with both and some are specific to the certain type of computer. So read the product information closely before purchasing.

Studio Headphones

Studio Headphones

Studio headphones are a must for producing music, especially if you live in a noisy area. They help to drown out any background noise that you’ve got so that you can focus on the actual sounds of the music. However, keep in mind that the sound of the music you hear through studio headphones can differ from the sound as it plays through speakers. So be sure to listen to the music you are creating through both speakers and headphones before finalizing the production.

They’re also fantastic for helping to keep you from being too noisy. It isn’t ideal to have your speakers blasting when you have close neighbors or people sleeping.

If you have a recording studio, the studio headphones can be useful for another main reason: monitoring. With monitoring, anytime you record a vocal piece or instrument piece that will need added to the track, the person you are recording will need to hear what was already recorded so that they can follow along and keep time. If you were to just use speakers the sound would filter into the music that you are recording and therefore ruin the quality of the production.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Digital Audio WorkstationsYour digital audio workstation is at the core of high-quality music production. It is the software that you use for recording and audio editing. Before purchasing your DAW be sure to do thorough research and find the best quality for your needs. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive software around, but it does need to get the job done in a manner that you will be exceptionally pleased with the results afterward.